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  • Step 1: Fill out Contract. Leave Customer’s signature blank. (Customer will sign and return contract)
  • Step 2: Fill out Pay Now with credit card information. Do NOT click Submit until signed contract has been returned.
  • Step 3: Download completed contract to a Customer folder on network and save filename using customer’s name. ie: “Package1-FinanceContractJohn Doe.pdf
  • Step 4: Email Contract to customer for signature. Customer will print out Contract, sign it, scan it and attach it in an email to
  • Step 5: After receiving signed contract back from customer, then click to submit Pay Now information. After submitting Pay Now, the customer will automatically receive an email with the login information (below) for the package(s). If necessary, the package login information can be copied and sent to customer by an email.

Package Links:

Package 1 Contract

Package 1 Pay Now

Package 1 videos and document files can be found at:
User: package1           PW: 1UVZ00hid)

Package 2 Contract

Package 2 Pay Now

Package 2 videos and document files can be found at:
User: package2           PW: 6dI25NDtu*

Package 3 document files can be found at:
User: package3           PW: 3b0aC2zPU=

Package 4 Janitorial book file can be found at:
Download link:
User: package4           PW: Cd1caC3P5$

Package 5 document files can be found at:
User: package5           PW: j51p5aTRW-

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